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Secure your Premises with Electric Security Fencing

There is nothing daunting about owning an Elec-Protect system. Operating costs are minimal and virtually no maintenance is required beyond observing the standard of care and good housekeeping practices recommended below.

  • Maintain adjacent trees or shrubs so that they don’t grow thickly among the wires and drag down the current (common sense will usually see you right on this but seek our advice if you are unsure).
  • Do not allow heavy growth of grass or weeds to constantly interefere with the lower wires as that can also drag current (some judicious spraying in ‘wild’ areas should be enough).
  • Maintain existing (barrier) fence so that loose or bulging link mesh or loose or broken barbed wire does not make contact with the electric fence.
  • Ensure that wire, empty tins and drums or any other conductive material is not discarded in such a way that it will come into contact with the fence.
  • Care should be taken when parking machinery to ensure it is not left in contact with the fence, and other stored equipment should be carefully stacked so that it does not fall against the fence.
  • It is recommended that at regular intervals, a fence alarm condition be deliberately generated. This will have the effect of confirming the state of both the Elec-Protect system and the monitoring service.


We strongly recommend that the Elec-Protect security fence is installed to form a monitored circuit and is integrated with a capable surveillance system. This ensures a client is made aware of fence on/off status and alerted of any deliberate or accidental damage that the fence may sustain. Where our client is well serviced by an existing monitored Alarm System, we supervise integration. Where none exists, e.g. new developments, Elec-Protect will include installation and commission of suitable Alarm Systems in our quotation.


The Elec-Protect security fence can be installed unmonitored. In this form the Elec-Protect fence will present a daunting visual barrier and a powerful (and painful) physical barrier but will give no warning should the system be compromised.

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