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Australian Standard AS/NZS 3016-2002

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Secure your Premises with Electric Security Fencing

Established in 1990, Elec-Protect was the first company to provide electric security fencing in Australia.

Since then, it has become a preferred supplier to government utilities (The Water Corporation and Western Power), British and US space agencies and private industry. Every night, its fences protect tens of millions of dollars worth of WA property and hardware.

When Elec-Protect introduced the concept of delivering a 7000-volt shock to would-be intruders, it consulted with police to develop acceptable licensed conditions later to be followed by an Australian Standard. Now, electric fences have become a regular part of business and insurance security specifications.

In consultation with specialist manufacturers, Elec-Protect has developed components able to withstand WA’s prolonged dry spells and saline coastal air, which cause faults on inferior fences. Elec-Protect’s robust fabrication is also designed to endure the rigors of WA’s blue-collar industries, making them a fixture in customs and freight yards.

As well as delivering a high-voltage shock, the system will create an alarm condition for input to a wide range of monitoring devises if the gates are opened or the fence cut.

Contact Elec-Protect today to find out how it can be integrated with your existing alarm system or to schedule installation on new developments.

Consultancy Service

Elec-Protect is regularly consulted by architects, engineers, developers and business owners during project planning. We encourage others to follow the trend because we can offer blueprint planning advice that will aid installation and greatly enhance operational efficiency, especially where automated gates and multiple zones are involved.

Elec-Protect Security Fencing is ideal for the protection of:

  • Educational Campus grounds and buildings
  • Schools and Colleges
  • Car Parks
  • Commercial vehicle parking areas
  • Warehousing and storage facilities
  • Factory Sites
  • Building Sites
  • Outdoor material and storage areas
  • Car storage and retail areas
  • Industrial plant and equipment compounds
  • Electrified or dangerous equipment compounds
  • Bonded goods warehousing

Unattended utilities such as:

  • Pumping stations
  • Transmitting sites
  • Switching yards

Or any facility or area where a higher level of perimeter security is called for.

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